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For the FLUOTEC  Vegalux 300 HP™ 2023 NAB PRODUCT OF THE YEAR

Check out our full lineup of CineLight Color LED Panels and VegaLux and AuraLux Fresnels Catalog.


Bicolor Tunable DMX LED Fresnel

Designed with an 8″ diameter micro prism lens, the VegaLux 300 HP Bi-Color LED Fresnel Light from Fluotec is suitable for studios, theaters, TV, video, and film productions. This fresnel features a variable color temperature of 3000 to 5600K rated with a CRI of 95, an indicator of accurate rendering of color.


Studio Lighting LED Panels

Efficient broadcast and cinema LED RGB Panels with a constant luminous output of CCT with proprietary designed calibration curves from its NEBULA reflective and diffusion chamber technology. It offers Full Color, HSI, XY, Color Filter output, plus/Minus Green control, and user-customizable special effects. It has high CRI / TLCI ratings of 95 / 95 for faithful color rendering and interchangeable diffusion panel capability for versatile output. Output can be continuously dimmed from 0-100%, and is flicker-free for high-speed use.


StudioLED Fresnel

High-efficient Fresnels built with Nebula Diffusion Chamber Technology to create a blended white light with tungsten/daylight-balanced color temperatures that are rated with a CRI of 93, an indicator of accurate rendering of color. The AuraLux line features motorized local and DMX adjustment of the beam angle from a 12° spot to a 52° flood for exacting control over how the light falls on your scene. Users can also control light intensity using either DMX or local controls with Halodim technology, which ensures smooth, seamless adjustments from 0-100%.